Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So these past couple weeks have flown by. I honestly could not tell you what I have done most of the days, but here is my best shot.
I have been going to school, and not been going to school. I have gone to school a total of 7 times (leaving early also) in the last month that I have been here. I have missed more school here than I missed the whole time I was in high school. I would say that is pretty sad. In the school I do not understand much. I usually just sit there in my own little world. I usually either study my Portuguese or write in my journal. The only class I put all my attention into is English. Go figure, right?
Tonight I went with my sister's graduation, just recently graduated seeing the differences was insane! From the outfits to the traditions, it was cool to see it from the other side, but having it be a different culture.
One thing that has been getting to me is college starting back up in the states, all of my friends have gone to school, started the new chapter in their lives, except me. For I will be a year behind everyone. But what keeps me going is when I tell myself that yes everyone is in college and yes I will experience it next year, but not everyone has the experience that I have. And for that I am greatful.
For the future, I am heading to the capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, where my host family and I will be saying goodbye to Wesley. It is crazy to think that I will not see him again. But he will have a good time in France. I tried to tell him to study French before he left but he would not listen. So when he goes down he will now feel everything I have felt in the past month not understanding what people are saying to me. Pero agora, eu falo muito portuguese e entendi todo.
Until my memory comes back from what I have done recently this will have to do.

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