Monday, August 1, 2011

day 002

so my first couple days in Brasil have been quite interestng. I arrived in Sao Paulo airport yesterday around 7:45 Minnesota time. To begin this wonderful journey I did not know that I needed to check my luggage in Sao Paulo, so my luggage was lost. They found it but do not know when it will arrive so until it does I am living off the clothes I wore on the plane, yoga pants, a t shirt, and a dress. What a great way to start off the year huh? The first wake up call was on the flight all the passengers and some flight attendents speaking portuguese. But the real wake up call came when i was at the Sao Paulo airport and people would try to talk to me in portuguese and I just gave them a blank stare. That right there was the beginning to a year of nor understanding a word that anyone says. I have been told by many people that i will learn fast and that within a month I will speak a lot of portuguese. I say we can only hope. As of now my host brother Wesley is my savior, he helps me translate everything and helps me speak with people when neither of us can understand what the other is saying. Then my world will come crashing down when he leaves at the end of August. But i am trying to learn and practicing so that is all that counts, right?

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