Thursday, October 27, 2011

It has been so long since I have done this I do not know where to start. I just recently traveled to the state of Rio de Janeiro. I went with my aunt and uncle to stay with there son for a week. While I was there we went to Penedo ( a little Finish city about 2 hours away from the city I stayed in, which was Volta Redonda). Penedo was so adorable. They had Christmas trees up and they had snowmen and Papai Noels house (santa), it was so crazy to see that in the middle of the mountuans in Brasil. I also went to the "Marvelous City" of Rio de Janeiro. The city I have been dying to go to since I knew Brasil was my destination. I wanted to see Christ the Redeemer more than anything, just one problem, this "marvelous city" where the "weather is always amazing" was too cloudy and rainy to see anything. Dream crusher? I think yes. It was an amazing city do not get me wrong I loved everything about Rio, the buildings, the beaches (yes the beaches in the rain, crazy huh?), But Rio is by far my favorite place I have been in Brasil by far. Traveling here is the thing that keeps me sane and happy (other than talking to my family and boyfriend) and I am so lucky that I get to travel as much as I do ( which is at least once a month). Next month there is a major holiday coming up in the U.S. one of my sisters favorites, and mine as well. Thanksgiving. Thinking about spending these holidays away from my mom, dad and sister for the first (and last) time in my life brings tears to my eyes. Coping with this will be one of the most difficult things I will have to overcome on my exchange. But I am hoping making a Thanksgiving dinner for my family here will help. Except for the fact that I need to make everything my hand, and for 20+ people. I do not know what I got myself into. But I am not excited for the holiday season to come, and I have never once said that in my life. It is everyones favorite time of the year and as of now  am dreading it. But time is passing fast which is both good and bad. I cannot believe it has already been three months. I remember when my mom always told me how immature I was when  I was home, and for once in my life I feel so much more mature. I do things I would never do at home, like go somewhere alone. I have put myself out of my comfort zone so many times and have over come so many things that I cannot wait to see how much of a better person I will be when I arrive home in 7 months. But the person I do not want to be is me but fatter, yes everyone says over exchange you gain weight, but I do not want to (even though I already have). I am such a lazy person that is the next thing I need to overcome here. But by the way, many people say I am fluent and I would say I am pretty dang close. 3 months and reaching fluency in a completely different language? I would say that is quite the accomplishment. Wouldn't you?

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